We specialize in the following services:
-Second Opinion
-Electrical Supplies

We specialize in the following supplies:
-Mini-split ac/heat Systems
-Titan Tankless Water Heaters
-Sycom Surge Protectors
-Battery Backup (UPS)
-MPE products
-Motor Contactors & Overloads
-Light Fixtures
-Panel Boards ( Square D, Siemens )
-       Fuses
-       Ballast kits
-       Custom ordered parts
-       Fuses
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Model                               BTU                        Coverage
27gw2                        9500             400 sq.ft.
Q10ax12                 12,000             525 sq.ft. 
37gw2                     12,500             540 sq.ft.
55gw2                             18,000     800 sq.ft.
74gw2                             24,000                    1200 sq.ft.
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